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What is word

Word is an office software focused on editing, processing and management of text developed by Microsoft, this text processor is built into the software package known as Microsoft Office.

It was in 1983 when it launched the first version of Word, during successive years Word evolved and expanded until become into the text editor and most widely used throughout the world. Today there is almost no computer in the world that not has installer Word, its success lies in its ease of use to create documents in a professional manner without computing knowledge.

New versions of Word allow us translation text into other languages, create, insert and modify images and graphics, schedule automatic tasks using macros with VBA language… Word has evolved as the current office automation needs, allowing you to create a wide variety of documents as curriculums, summaries of economic balances or screenplays.

Word lets you create professional documents by integrating text, images, graphics, spreadsheet tables, headings, footnotes, watermarks, etc ... Inside word we find different functions that make more easy the generation and review of text, among all the available functions we can cite:

  • Spelling & grammar - is one of the most used functions and loved by users, this function emphasizes us those words or phrases that need to be reviewed by the text editor in order to avoid spelling and grammar errors.

  • Synonym - The use of this function displays a list of synonymous about the selected word.

  • Page layout - Within this function can define aesthetic aspects of the document as size and font, margins, columns, funds and other document properties.

Word file extensions.

Word mainly handles the following files extensions:

.DOC - is the original and native Word filename, was developed by Microsoft for generating text documents under this program.

.DOCX - Is the native filename of Word from 2007 version, as improving stability and reliability of the stored documents as well as improving level of compression and reduce the document size.

.DOCM - Is the filename that refers to text documents created with Word which contain macros.

.DOT - Is the filename that makes references to templates.

.DOTM- Is the filename that makes references to templates that contain macros.

.RTF - Rich Text Format

Furthermore Word accepts and handles other text files extensions like pdf, odt ... as long as has installed DLL libraries that allow it to recognize the file extension.

what is word