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LiFi - Explanation and definition of LiFi

What is LiFi

LiFi is wireless technology that uses the visible light generated by any LED lamp as a means of data transmission, used for the creation of communication networks between different electronic devices turning out to be an evolution of traditional wireless networks.

Currently technology companies like Google or Apple are developing both hardware and software in their devices to adopt this new technology that will connect to the Internet at blazing speeds. Smartphones, tablets, smartwatchs, sensors and electronic devices of any kind will incorporate LiFi technology in a short time.

LiFi technology bases its operation on 2 devices:

  • Light modulator

  • Photodiode receiver

The modulator is a device that can connect to any LED lamp wich objective is to turn off and on the led millions of times per second, it has been this flicker imperceptible to the human eye, generating light signals in the form of binary code 1 (on) and 0 (off).

Subsequently a photodiode receiver assembly in the electronic device captures light signals and interprets them as binary code, sending the information to the processor device converting light signals into text information of sound, image or video type.

So we can like LiFi technology as the morse code XXI century where the flashlight is replaced with an LED that turn on and off millions of times per second.

Thanks to this technology has been achieved in laboratory transfer rates data greater than 200Gb/s, whereas in real environment have created networks with speeds above 1 Gb/s to be 100 times higher than traditional wireless networks. This will allow us to send and receive huge amounts of information in just a split second, can you imagine download all Wikipedia in 0.2 seconds?.

LiFi applications.

The extraordinary and promising transfer speeds with the facility of installation predict many applications and devices with LiFi of the objects that surround us and use every day:

Internet of things, no doubt the fledgling network that will connect millions of devices will be supported by the LiFi technology, allowing you to connect all these devices in to instantaneous speeds.

The contents in real time or "Live Streaming" will benefit from LiFi, allowing you to see live and in HD quality ultra any sporting event, concert or movie just select it.

The industry will rely on the LiFi technology to deploy the call 4th industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, where smart factories have connected all machines and tools together allowing adapt and optimize any consistent production process to decisions taken by management or by a central computer, can you imagine a car factory without human intervention where there were no faults, were optimized to maximize the time and will be manufactured on demand in real time?

On the other hand, the emerging technology of autonomous cars will also find in the LiFi the perfect partner to exchange information with their surroundings as lampposts, traffic signs or the road itself, which incorporate LEDs that send real-time information to the vehicle giving step forward to a totally safe driving.

Now that you know what is LiFi technology, did you know that developers of WiFi networks are evolving this technology to achieve transfer speeds of close to 100 Gb/s ?, certainly competition and evolution between LiFi and WiFi technologies allow us to enjoy blazing Internet connections.

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