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If you look all the objects around you exist thanks to technological developments that humans have developed over the centuries of our existence. From the first silex knife created by our ancestors in the Stone Age to the use of silicon as the basis of microprocessors that govern our computers technology has marked our way of thinking and living, each technology has marked an era and a story in the life of human beings.

The technology has become the cornerstone of our time, encyclopedias paper have been replaced by virtual encyclopedias with internet access, the typewriter has been replaced by the personal computer and word processing programs, email and Fax has almost eliminated the post, steam engines have stopped working in substitution of electrical machines, photovoltaic, wind ... which obtain efficiencies above being environmentally friendly. The development of microprocessors has allowed us to create all kinds of instruments, objects, and vehicles such as electron microscopes, space probes, supercomputers... which we have left to discover unknown aspects of our nature. Undoubtedly Technology plays a vital role in our lives.

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