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Smartwatch - Explanation and definition of smartwatch

What is a smartwatch

A smartwatch is a wristwatch that incorporates a set of electronic components with a microprocessor capable of running applications through which the owner can access to Internet, check emails, make and receive calls, monitor and quantify their daily activity, run certain apps ... ie is a computerized watch that offers much more than time and day. In the 70s had the classic analog clock digital watches and now at the beginning of XXI century clocks get smart.

Unlike classic analog and digital watches, this new generation of smart watches meet the technologies implemented on Smartphone’s, tablets and computers last generation, incorporating camera and video, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, hygrometer, barometer, heart rate monitor, wireless, high definition touch screen, rechargeable battery ... all controlled by a microprocessor and appropriate software. As is the case with Smartphone’s and tablets, many smartwatch have developed apps as primarily geared towards health issues, fitness and productivity.

The smartwatch belongs to the family of wearable devices as well as other devices such as glasses, bracelets, rings, shoes ... which allow you to interact with our body.

Smartwatch generation currently available in the market have their own operating system through which running similar applications available on any smartphone, in this sense, Google company has developed Android Wear operating system focused on the management of any wearable device as this kind of smart watches, likewise other manufacturers and developers like Apple and Microsoft are adapting their respective platforms to these new technologies.

The main disadvantage of the current generation of smartwatch resides in the short life of its battery as well as the need to be wirelessly connected to the Smartphone so you can perform functions of sending and receiving messages, video calls and audio ... becoming the clock on an extension of our Smartphone. In the near future the next generation of smartwatch undertake all the functions of a Smartphone without recharging the battery and at whatever you want with a simple glance at your wrist.

SmartWatch history

Since the beginning of civilization man has had the need to divide, measure and know the time to do your daily activities, thanks to the knowledge of the time our ancestors knew best season year for planting and harvesting of food which depended on its economy and survival. For this human invented the clock as time measurement tool, sundials, water or sand watches developed in ancient civilizations are examples among others of man's need to know the time at all times.

Smartwacht history begins in the early nineteenth century when the first analog watch was manufactured, a fashion accessory for the women of high society at the time, later during the First World War the use of clocks bracelet spread for men.

The concept of smartwatch born in the 1930s at the hands of Dick Tracy comic, where the main character had a watch phone that allowed him to communicate with the police station.

In 1967 the first electronic wristwatches based on quartz technology develops, the Beta 1 manufactured in Switzerland and Astron manufactured in Japan by the company Seiko, both clocks reach unparalleled precision compare with the analog clocks of the moment, From this moment begins the story of digital clocks through different generations until reach the current smartwatch:

1st Generation - The beginning of Digital clock (70)

The first generation begins in 1970 with the development of Pulsar, the first of digital wristwatch that by using LED technology for show time eliminating the use of classic hands of analogue clocks. Later in 1971 the Swiss company Elvia Longines presents the first digital wristwatch with liquid crystal display or LCD regardless of the use of LEDs and extending the battery life as well as reducing the size of digital watches of this time.

2nd Generation - The first computers watches (80 and 90)

In 1975 Pulsar company launched the model 3822 being the first calculator watch integrating quartz technology, LEDs and miniaturized circuits in a wristwatch capable of performing the operations of any basic calculator.

In 1982 the Japanese company Seiko launches the first wristwatch with built-in television, in 1983 launched the first watch capable of recording voice messages and in 1984 introduced the UC-2000 the first computer clock which coupling an external keyboard you could schedule and run small applications in the BASIC language, enter and store data to the watch like playing video games that came in the rom cartridges.

In 1990 Seiko introduces the receiver clock considered the first wireless clock of history that used a radio channel by which people could send text messages as a cell phone.

3rd Generation - The first smartwatch

In 1998 the engineer Steve Man designed and manufactured the first watch which had Linux operating system, then in 2000 the computer giant IBM with the watch Citizen presents a prototype clock fully managed by the Linux 2.4 operating system in addition to include a fingerprint scanner, accelerometer and 8 MB of internal memory.

In 1999 Samsung company launched Samsung SPH-WP10 the first phone clock in the world based on CDMA communication technology, undoubtedly quite a breakthrough for its time.

In 2000 the company Casio launches "Wrist Camera" the first watch to incorporate a digital camera allowing communicate wirelessly with another computer or another watch with the same brand through the infrared port, on the other side that company at that same year launched the first wristwatch with MP3 Player.

In 2003 the company Fossil launches "Wrist PDA" a clock that is managed by the operating system Palm OS used in the famous PDAs then allowing to have a digital agenda on your wrist.

In 2004 the company Microsoft launches SPOT watch which was connected to your network MSN direct allowing receive text messages, news, stock market status and weather, this clock is considered by many as the father of the current smartwatch.

4th Generation – Smartwatch incursion

In 2010 the company Sony launches Live View, a small device with touchscreen and OLED technology that connects via Bluetooth to your Smartphone thanks to which you can check your text messages, calendar, connect to social networks like Facebook ...

In 2011, thanks to the technological development of wearable technology companies led to the development of smartwatch, also fueled by rumors that spread during that year on the development of the famous AppleWatch of Apple, many of its direct competitors as Google, Samsung or Sony redesigned and launched their smart watches before he had seen the light of Apple's smart watch, Moto 360 of Google, Samsung Galaxy Gear or G Watch by LG company are examples among others.

5th Generation - Replacing smartphones

The short-term future of these watches is the complete elimination of dependence to be connected to your Smartphone as a means to make and receive calls, be connected to Internet ... the next generation of smartwatch concentrate all the technology of a Smartphone on a small lightweight device, smart and intelligent doll with just a glance at our wrist we can access to all the information that we need.

The challenge for designers involves finding solutions to the short battery life and small size available to the current screens, batteries recharged with the movement or use of holographic technology or expandable screens are ways that engineers are investigating.

As has happened in other sectors today the watch industry is experiencing a revolution with the advent of this new type of smart watches, currently the smartwatch is looking for his place in the audience as he did in his time smartphones, more and more people are wearing on his wrists these smart watches while doing his favorite sport, working,resting or any other daily activity, without doubt this new generation of smartwatch has come to stay with us.

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