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What is Internet

Internet is the great global virtual library, where anyone in anywhere in the world can access to this huge digital archive where knowledge, leisure and professional world converge in one space called Internet.

Internet represents the pinnacle of globalization, it is a space where we can buy, sell or share any product, service or information with anyone, anywhere in the world, ie Internet is a place where we interact globally.

Internet is also known as a network of networks, because its origin and philosophy are based on interconnected computers together creating a great web intercom, these interconnections are made using conventional physical cable, optic fiber, electrical network, satellite… Internet is an acronym of INTERconected NETworks.

The origins of Internet dating from the early 60s of XX century, where the first theoretical studies launched the idea of connecting computers by sending blocks of digital information (binary code), resulting the first network interconnected in history when the first computational link between the University of Stanford University and Ucla was created.

In the late 60s and early 70s the United States Department of Defense developed the first large global network of communication between computers known as Arpanet, Arpanet was the origin of Internet and worked under the first communication protocols that were developed specifically, these protocols were based for the development of modern TCP / IP used in the current network.

In the late 80s and early 90s were developed the necessary tools (hardware and software) as HTML code, servers to host websites, web browsers ... that technology allowed to the general public access and manage Internet with a simple mouse click, thanks to these and other tools thousands of new enterprises have been creating a new business model based on the net, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, Wikipedia .... are among other corporations and foundations whose origin and sense are based on Internet.

Like steam engine began the industrial revolution of the twentieth century, Internet has been the harbinger of a new revolution known as the new digital era.

Today Internet has changed our lives in every aspect, thanks to the net we can read the latest news happening in the world without having to wait for the newspapers are published, we can interact with our friends and acquaintances through social networks, we can buy food or sell shares from the comfort of our home with just one click, thanks to the Internet we can access any didactic source that allows us to expand our knowledge on any subject, the Internet has been the initiator and promoter of a new work style known as telework or telecommuting ... endless examples and reasons have made the Internet change our habits and modern lifestyles.

But not all benefits for the Internet, today is a reality that many people are addicted to the network, being connected 24 hours a day, this has led to the creation of a new addiction and disease of the century. Social networks have allowed to connect and communicate to people around the world, but have also led to the vulnerability of the privacy of the same, on the other hand viruses and computing attacks found in Internet the perfect medium to spread and attack a large number of computers worldwide. Finally a possible attack or global failure of the entire Internet can trigger a big mess in all developed countries, given that much of the security and economy of these countries are based on the Internet, so that has generated a great dependence very dangerous in case of failure of the great global network. To avoid these problems are currently being developed laws and global actions to minimize and / or eliminate the harmful effects of the disadvantages mentioned above.

what is internet