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We live in an environment where natural resources that we have are limited, we mine, select, modify and transform these resources into objects, machines and tools that we use in our daily lives. The economy is the branch of human knowledge that is responsible for managing and administering such limited resources in order to generate and produce the most goods and services that meet our needs.

If resources that we would find in nature were unlimited the objects we use daily systematically change, we would built boats built with gold which never suffer the effects of corrosion, all electrical systems that conduct electricity to our homes would be silver, the power supply to all machines, cars, tools and objects would not be a problem to have unlimited amounts of oil... that is the world we know would cease to exist.

Undoubtedly, the economy acquires a fundamental role in the history of human beings, since we live in a world where resources are limited our ancestors developed the first economic knowledge that allowed them to store and distribute the food they hunted or farmed, barter was the first financial means by which we begin to exchange goods with each other, gradually the develop of the economy allowed the creation of large settlements into cities, allowed the scientific and technological development that has allowed humans leave Earth orbit to the conquest of the universe.

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