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Computing - Explanation and definition of computing

What is computing

Computing is defined as the science that studies the treatment of information by automated methods and techniques. It was in 1957 when Karl Steinbuch cited first computing word under the concept described above.

From the earliest times, humans has invented and developed techniques to convey information such as language, writing, sound or light signals and whistles, drums, telephone, television... can move from generation to generation all thought and knowledge acquired throughout history, thanks to this transfer and processing of information humans have evolved toward technology currently available.

The main purpose of computing is automated using electronic equipment all kinds of information, such as to avoid the repetition of arduous tasks which may mislead while reducing the execution time thereof, can you imagine account manually without the help of any calculator or computer program all economic transactions of a large shopping center?.

To automate the information computing is based on the realization of three basic tasks:
  • Admission Information

  • Processing information

  • Output Information

The computer system must be provided with some means by which we bring information, turn the computer system must be able to interpret and store this information, so that once we request you show us by any output medium.

When we introduce a song on the computer with an external memory, the USB port of computer would be the means of entry, then the computer saves the song on the hard disk and a specific software (music player) treats such that transforms stored bits in music broadcast by the speakers (output medium) of the computer.

The science of computing broken down into various branches of science such as programming, network architecture and computers, electrical and electronics, artificial intelligence, etc .. branches of science that allows us to develop the hardware and software necessary and fundamental in computer science.

The area of application of computing is vast, from managing companies using spreadsheets, inventory management systems, crm, erp, etc ... until the application for monitoring and handling of satellites that traveled around our solar system, as well as applications for medicine, design of structures, mathematical, physical and chemical analysis, etc...

what is computing