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Science is the area where human knowledge develops hypotheses and laws which try to explain all the phenomena of nature that surrounds us, the word science comes from the Latin "scientia" that means knowledge.

Mainly the fields of physics and chemistry with the help of mathematics are 2 big and fundamental families that covers the area of science, with the development of new knowledge and techniques we have divided this fields into more specific areas such as particle physics, astrobiology, thermodynamics, nanotechnology, geology, biochemistry...

Thanks to science begin to know the fundamental laws that governs nature and the universe around us, we know that the Earth orbits the Sun in our solar system, which occupies a small portion of the Milky Way, which It is one among the billions of galaxies that exist in the observable universe. Thanks to science we know the chemical elements that make up the molecules, cells and other elements that we are composed, thanks to science we have developed and perfected machines and tools that make more easy our daily lives...

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